Broken Spring

Garage Door Broken Spring Repair

If you have problems with your garage door it might be a broken torsion spring. These springs are positioned on a metal shaft which is located just above the garage door. They're attached to a plate in the centre and to cables on each side of the garage door. Torsion springs twist as the garage door closes and they provide the tension which is needed to lift a heavy. It can be difficult to replace a broken torsion spring. The spring itself is heavy and tightly wound and it can cause serious injury if it becomes unhooked when it's under tension. If you have any doubt as to being able to replace the torsion spring yourself seek the help of a professional Garage Door Repair.

If you choose to do it on your own then make sure that the garage door is completely closed and secure the door by attaching a C-clamp to the track above the roller located on the bottom. Next find the drums on either side of the door which are on a shaft at the top of the doorway. Then slide both of the torsion springs at the top of the garage door in the direction of the cable drums. On the right and left side above the door there's also a drum and bearing head plate. So start on the right side and move the drum away from the bearing head plate if there is any difficulty then slide the shaft either way at the same time tapping the head plate with a hammer.

Next you want to loosen the screws on the cable drum located above the right side by using an adjustable wrench. Then slip the cable off of the right drum and remove the right cable drum from the shaft. Now you'll slide the shaft out of the head plate. This will let the torsion spring be taken off of the shaft. Spray metal lubricant on the bearing and then put back the bearing head plate on the shaft. Unbolt the tow bolts which hold the torsion spring cones to the bracket on the right side above the garage door. This will give you the ability to slide the broken torsion spring out of the bracket. Then remove the torsion winding cone by sliding it off of the shaft.

Next you'll slide the new torsion spring onto the shaft making sure to place the wider part of the spring on first. Put the spring through the spring anchor bracket which is centered above the garage door. Repeat this whole process with the second torsion spring on the opposite side of the garage door.

That's the whole process and you will have replaced the broken torsion springs. If done right you should now be able to lift and close without any problems.